Writing Riddles - How to Do It: Best Tips

22 Sep

Riddles are art coming from hundreds of cultures around the world. From the American Rocky Mountains to the archipelago of the Philippines, riddles are alive. They have been with us as how we express things. And writing a riddle is how we make it exist in this information-fed world. In this article, you will learn how to write riddles.

Riddles are basically two types, the enigma type that expresses an either metaphor or allegory, and the conundra type, which questions the effects or the answer. Whether you are writing a Riddle Me Christmas Scavenger Hunts or a Malaitian riddles, writing it is like solving a puzzle.

Riddle Me Christmas Scavenger Hunts are used to decode myths to social norms. You can write it by playing with intellectual pleasures crossing over boundaries. By crossing boundaries, you are like affirming it. It is what Robert Petsch described in 1899, that a riddle should be written in a way that descriptive elements are paired with referent elements that need to be guessed.

Riddle Me sometimes overlap proverbs in some language. It uses the contexts of anthropology and how social roles are described in war like how most African riddles are made. Some riddles are made to make a point like a sermon.

Riddle is fun to write but challenge to make. But if you know the basics, it will be easier. To write a riddle, it is like making a solution to the puzzle first. Make sure to choose an answer to your riddle. You picture the answer to your riddle in a piece of paper. Brainstorm for words or phrases that are related to the answer of your riddle. After writing these, get a thesaurus to create more synonyms or similar words that can describe in parallel or directly inverse to the meaning of the answer. The key is to follow the set rules and make a twist to the wordings. For more ideas about hunt riddles, visit http://www.ehow.com/info_8360708_ideas-easter-scavenger-hunt-riddles.html.

Riddle must be written in a way that the reader gets surprised by the sudden phrase or words used. It should make them think. You can mix all the 6 senses when creating the riddle. You can use the figures of speech to amplify the effect of the riddle. An example of how writing a riddle would look like is here. Make sure to put the metaphor and the answer side by side.

Sample Metaphor: A comparison to your own mind, thoughts, and knowledge.

Sample Riddle: "I know myself but I don't." (Answer: Subconscious Mind).

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